Sunset Sherbert Whipped Budder

Sunset Sherbert Whipped Budder

Whipped budder cannabis extract is full of cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBN and CBG. This is a high end dabbing experience with incredible terpene flavor and potent THC punch. Expertly crafted whipped budder made from Sunset Sherbert hybrid cannabis strain. Comes in 1 gram vials with silicone lid.

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  • Premium Whipped Budder: Cannabis Concentrate
  • Sunset Sherbert: Hybrid Strain
  • Meant for dabbing: Potent flavor
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This cannabis extract is right from our personal stash.  Lucky for you we had enough to share on Budbox as this is a rare opportunity to acquire some legendary budder.  Created from the hybrid cannabis strain Sunset Sherbert this is expertly crafted concentrate that has an amazing flavor and a powerful punch.

Limited quantity available it comes in 1 gram jars with a Budbox branded silicone lid.

What is whipped budder?

Budder is a form of cannabis concentrate that is created using a "whipping" technique under heated conditions.  It is created from cannabis oil, which is usually produced by blasting plant material with pressurized butane gas.

Budder is made by applying heat and agitation to the oil, which introduces air bubbles and results in an effect closely resembling cake batter. This technique has proven to result in a creamier texture which is easier to work with when “dabbing”. It also appears to enhance the hash oil’s fragrant properties and brings out a different variety of cannabinoids then regular oil or shatter.

Wax is another form of concentrate that is whipped, and it can be easily be used to make budder – by heating it under low temperatures and whipping consistently and quickly to remove solvent residuals.  The final consistency resembles peanut butter.

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