Purity at its finest | Know what your smoking

Posted by Sovrin Vapes on 10/10/2019
Vaping in the news

Vaping has been the recent thing to blow up in the news and on social media because of health concerns. However, vaping isn’t the real culprit as pure oil is just a concentrated dose of the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis. The real culprit is the chemicals and additives that are being added to vape products. Product purity is a major concern for anyone vaping or smoking THC or CBD because nobody wants to inhale carcinogens and chemicals that can damage the respiratory system. However, companies looking to stretch their pro?ts will add ?llers and thickening agents like VG/PG/PGe/MCT/Mineral/Vitamin oil to secretly dilute their product, allowing them to put less pure oil in each cartridge. Studies have shown that these agents when heated at high temperatures break down into harmful compounds including carcinogens, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. They can also cause symptoms of asthma, allergies and lipoid pneumonia. The good news is that vaping pure oil still remains the cleanest way to inhale cannabis. The distillation process allows for the removal of unwanted lipids, growing chemicals and plant matter and the resulting oil allows for high amounts of cannabinoids to be consumed without having to smoke ounces of ?ower.

What makes Sovrin Different?

Since inception we have preached about product purity. Before Sovrin was even an idea we made vape cartridges for ourselves because we knew that was the only way we would actually be able to know that we were smoking a pure, clean product. After sharing our cartridges with friends and family we realized that we might be onto onto something huge as nearly every other company cuts their product - evident by the potency of our pens. We have always proudly provided lab results on our website showing high percentages of THC (90%+) which wouldn’t be possible if they were cut with anything, as most companies will cut their product by 15-30%. Throughout our marketing material we have always talked about using high quality ingredients with things like our #SayNoToShakeShatter campaign and have always taken the time to teach our customers how to tell if their product is cut with anything, which led us to discovering the Tilt Test (which is now an industry known standa standard to quickly and easily assess the purity of an oil by testing it’s viscosity.) We proudly use ONLY Pure THC Distillate and Full Spectrum CBD along with a small amount of plant derived organic terpenes for their wide range of healing properties and natural source of ?avour.

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