Peanut Crispy Pyramid

Peanut Crispy Pyramid

Hand crafted marijuana-infused gourmet chocolates. Always fresh, consistent, and accurately dosed these immaculate treats are flavorful and euphoric. By The Canna Chocolatier.

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  • Two Chocolates: 50mg THC each
  • Hand Made: High Quality
  • Delta-9 THC-A: Distillate Infusion
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The Canna Chocolatier supplies the Canadian cannabis community with some of the finest infused chocolates ever created.  These artistic pieces are made by an experienced and masterful chocolatier and every batch is made with meticulous care to produce chocolates that are fresh, effective, and delicious.  Two chocolates per box with 50mg THC in each chocolate for a total of 100mg THC in each box.

Canna Milk Chocolate Peanut Crispy Pyramids come in a box with two individually wrapped chocolates.  Artisan hand made and very unique chocolates.  It is hard to resist the temptation to immediately bite into each chocolate but resist it if you can.
  The power of the pyramids come together with a combination of super high quality milk chocolate, rice crisps and peanut butter ganache all shaped together in four sided triangle.  Immaculate details showing the bricks in the structure making it hard to just bite into these treats. But once you do there is no turning back the ingredients are pure and shine through on your tastebuds.  Simply the best peanut butter crispers you will ever experience.

A very mild hint of cannabis flavor sinks in behind the richness as your eyes close and the full experience envelopes your existence.  These are small bites of amazing pleasure but they also pack a potent punch so go slow and take your time.  Enjoy!

High Quality Cannabis Infusion
The Canna Chocolatier stands out in craftsmanship.  All the chocolates are made with activated Delta-9 THC-A Distillate providing a super clean and consistent medication.  Best known for the pyramid-shaped chocolates these dank little bites of heaven are available in a variety of different flavors.  Curl up in front of the television with a box of Canna Chocolates from Budbox and let the medication kick in!

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