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Gorilla Glue Shatter

Gorilla Glue Shatter

Pull and Snap Shatter extracted from Gorrilla Glue cannabis flower - Bud run from the finest flowers bringing over the full strain profile. The smell is amazing and the taste is even better when dabbed. Very potent shatter with a heavy blanket of THC that puts you in a state of euphoria and full gap session. Then you will get the munchies hard! Limited batch that comes in a 1 Gram mylar pack or silicone container.

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  • Soft and gooey: Excellent Taste
  • Heavy Buzz: Limited Batch
  • Indica / Hybrid: Potent Shatter
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Shatter created from Gorilla Glue cannabis flower.  On sale while quantities last.  This extract works excellent with the Nector Collector << 

Comes in 1 Gram packages.
  • Pull and snap shatter very high in terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Amazing taste and smell.
  • Amber color with transparency.
  • Super potent with over 78% THC.
  • Excellent for dabbing.
  • Gorilla Glue taste and experience.


Energetic, Body stone with a full couch lock and gap out effect.  Afterwards you will get strong munchies so this is great for anyone having issues eating.


Thick, earthy taste.  Mouth watering dankness.  Smells amazing and tastes even better.

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