Ganja Bell Rock!

Posted by Jennifer on 12/25/2017

Okay, so they’re not the official lyrics…. But maybe they should be? With our biggest gift-giving season in full-bloom, and marijuana legislation around the bend, have you considered what you’ll be passing around the tree this year?

Exchanging presents is a big part of Christmas, not to mention Hanukkah, Eid and Kwanzaa. As Canadians, we each go about our festivities in different ways – but one commonality we share is the dreaded sorting of what to buy for whom. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift that won’t bust your bank account, and won’t end up sitting on shelf ignored until the next garage sale. Traditionally, Acohol and fine wines have been a safe gift option, usually catering to just about anybody on your list. (I mean, what family can’t use a little Christmas morning Mimosa?)

Why not ‘shake’ things up this year, and offer your best friend that baked edible she’s been craving? Maybe a little ganja for granny? Distillate for Dad? It doesn’t matter who gets what – the important thing is to break out of the traditional giftbox and offer up something that certainly won’t be re-gifted….

Refer to our helpful suggestions below if you’re still thinking about what to put on Santa’s list:

The gift that keeps on giving:

Offering your loved one a yearly subscription to any service or product is a wonderful way to keep the spirit alive all year. Offering a pre-scheduled box of fresh marijuana treats once a month? You know for sure who they’ll be thinking about when the postman rings the door 12 times in 2018…

The gift to share:

We can all agree that the one thing better than receiving is being able to share that gift with others. Why not offer an edible assortment that can be tasted among friends? From sweet to savory, chewy to dry – there is a delicacy available for any foodie’s taste. Who knows? There may even be some left after breakfast.

The gift to savour and enjoy:

We all like to play with our new toys, eat our snacks and wear- out our new clothing before the holidays are even over. But what about offering a gift that can be enjoyed and explored throughout the year? A high-end pure distillate is a top-line gift to offer the marijuana connoisseur in your life, and provides them with an enjoyable oil that they can turn to on the best of evenings all the way through New Year’s Eve 2018. (Or 2017, depending on the receiver….)

The gift that fits the stocking:

Every Canadian family has their special holiday traditions. The most common is probably the beloved Christmas stocking, stuffed with trinkets and inexpensive items.

Nothing says fun & simple quite like a few pre-rolled joints, a pre-pack of sample flower and a vial of Cherry oil…Add a few accessories, such as rollies, vape pens or filters – and you’re the Christmas Angel.

The gift of wellness:

There are no denying the benefits of CBD. Without the psychoactive effects, this cannabinoid has become a life-changer for those who want to heal without the high. Thankfully, nature’s finest medicine is getting the attention it deserves. Our children are getting help for their seizures and brain cancers, our elderly are living lives free of arthritic pains and debilitating neuropathy. The general population is falling asleep without pharmaceutical aids, achieving their perfect weight naturally, evening out their psychiatric issues without the sedating effects of chemicals. A beautiful way to tell somebody you love them is by offering them a key to resolving their issues, whatever they may be. CBD is offered in capsules, ointments, topicals, tinctures and cbd oils – so there is a consumption solution for anybody on your list.

So – while Rudolph is shining his nose and Santa is waxing his sleigh, what will you be doing to make your loved one’s squeal with joy this year? The options are endless…

No time for wrapping the weed? Not a problem. The has a team of elves waiting to help you. even if christmas is over they can wrap it up in cannabis decorated wrapping paper.. If that doesn’t seem like easy enough? After the Budbox Elves wrap your gift, they’ll pack it up and mail it directly to your loved one! Visit them today at to find out how you can send a very secure, vaccum packed odorless package today.

After all, ‘tis the season the be jolly!

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