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The Cannabis industry is at an interesting time in it's evolution. Technology and curiosity keep driving the limits of what is possible and creating a variety of new cannabis extracts. Hash, Shatter, wax, budder, BHO, cherry oil, distillates, live resin and pressed rosin are a few examples of cannabis concentrates that have distinct differences.


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This is the finest distillate available. Second pass clear with 99% cannabinoids present.
Premium whipped budder made from Nuken live cannabis flower.
One of the original cannabis extracts is hashish. This is a premium example of old school, classic "gold seal" hash. Comes in a glass vial containing 2 grams of high quality hashish.
Pressed Rosin from Mr Clean cannabis flower. Zero solvent cannabis extract. Comes in 1 gram jar with silicone lid.
All  cannabis extracts have there own unique characteristics and techniques for creation. Terpenes of cannabis and cannabinoid content drive the evolution of cannabis. Some extracts have more flavor or higher THC content, others are specialized for purposes like edible infusion or dabbing. Some require expensive equipment and years of education to create. While others can be made in your backyard with simple gear and common sense.

Most of the concentrates and cannabis extractions are made from dry trim material. The fine sugar leaves and any unused plant material from cured cannabis can be made into extracts but what if you used the flowers while the plant was still alive? Using dry ice to quickly freeze the plant can eliminate the entire harvesting process. This keeps more of the trichomes intact when you run it with butane or isopropanol making more advanced cannabinoid and terpene profiles. When there is more diversity in the terpenes and cannabinoids there are different interactions that can enhance the psychoactive feelings.

Whipped budder with high THC and potent flavor.
Live Resin
Quick extraction of the live plant creates a wide terpene and cannabinoid profile.
A great treat or snack with an infused kick of medicine.

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