Cannabis Infused Edibles

There is many options available to medical marijuana patients today, many are choosing to explore methods of medicating beyond combustion or smoking. Cannabis infused edibles provide another option to patients who cannot, or choose not to smoke their cannabis.

Cannabis consumed orally enters the blood stream after being digested in the stomach. Eating infused products is a much healthier alternative because there is no inhalation of carbon, tar, carcinogens, etc…

Some people, such as those on supplemental oxygen, try cannabis infused edibles when smoking is no longer an option. For patients with eating problems, edibles testing high in CBD are known for nausea-reduction.  Additionally, many patients choose edibles as their preferred method of consumption because they are a more discreet way to medicate.  Another factor to consider is that edibles can last longer as the body slowly digests it also medicates over time.

if you are a new user you should start with a low dose of 10-15mg (THC, CBD, etc.). Every individual is different when it comes to dosing so start slow and keep track of your results.   Also its a good idea to write a journal of your doses and how long it takes to feel any effects and what ailments had symptoms reduced.  Some cannabis infused edibles work better then others depending on if its made using a cannabis oil or with a solvent free kief.


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