Top 5 CBD Myths Debunked

Posted by Becca Canna on 10/10/2019

There are as many opinions as there are heads and this adage proves itself when you search through the internet to find about a subject of your relevance. The same goes for the rising trend of cannabis. CBD is one of the most popular topics that is taking over the health and wellness industry through its potency. The versatility of this product has paved the way for it to mark its presence in every other household as people can purchase the best seeds at ILGM to grow their own marijuana. Manufacturers are facing a raging demand for CBD-infused products which backs the claim of its efficiency as a beneficial ingredient. Though opinions vary, and this very reason has caused great uncertainty regarding its usage.

Misinformative articles are floating around the internet that are creating myths more than educating people about the facts. Curating false myths without the consultation of an authentic source can be misleading for large masses which might hinder people from relishing its actual benefits. To grasp the best results out of the usage of CBD, it is essential that we first separate the facts away from the circulating myths. Here are five myths that we have debunked to provide you with a clear image as to how CBD is different from its stereotypical image!

  1. CBD can make you high: A myth that the majority of the population considers as fact. Constituents derived from cannabis are not always supposed to give you a mind-altering effect. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD is free from inducing any psychoactive effects. The component, known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the one that furnishes the renowned high. CBD oil is free of THC or contains only 0.3% of it which barely produces any mind-numbing effects. THC is usually present in full-spectrum CBD or the raw strains of cannabis that are generally used to satisfy recreational purposes. CBD is inclined more towards providing the users with its medicinal benefits. For sure, it helps in relaxing your mind and body, but that is a part of its various beneficial characteristics which include anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain-relieving properties.

  1. CBD is illegal: The most confusing information about CBD is whether it is legal or not. The legality of CBD depends on the land and source of its origin. CBD that comes for the hemp plant is federally legal, while the CBD that comes from the marijuana is illegal. The factor that differentiates both of them is the amount of THC present in the CBD derived from it. The level of THC present in the CBD derived from hemp is usually 0.3% or less. On the other hand, the CBD extracted from marijuana might contain 30% or more THC, which makes it immensely psychoactive. The process of legalization is gradually taking place in various parts of the world.

  1. Only adults can use CBD: Fortunately, this myth is wrong. The treasure of innumerable beneficial properties that CBD has is open for people of any age to enjoy. The misinformation floating around the internet might waver you otherwise, but researches support the claim of CBD being a potential remedial treatment for kids. Pediatricians use CBD oil to treat children who are suffering from epilepsy. The safe usage of CBD has shown great results in reducing the epileptic seizures that a child goes through under severe epilepsy. CBD oil is also used to treat disturbed sleeping patterns, depression and anxiety in kids. Parents must consult the physician to get educated about the safe usage of CBD for their children.

  1. CBD oil can show up in medical tests: No, CBD cannot show up in a drug test, but you have to be sure that the CBD product you are using is in its purest form. Pure forms of CBD contain a very little amount of THC which does not hinder your drug test results. If the CBD you are using is impure and contains more than the preferred amount of THC, then you can fail the drug tests. It is essential for people who wish to gain the benefits of CBD oil without consuming THC to go only for the CBD isolate. Abstain from the usage of full-spectrum CBD in any form if you wish to come up clean in a drug test.

  1. CBD has very limited health benefits: If you think that being an anti-anxiolytic and anti-depressant is all that CBD is capable of, then you are highly mistaken. These two properties are not the only reason behind its soaring prosperity. Manufacturers are trying their best to produce a plethora of CBD products that can satisfy their consumer's needs. From the beauty industry to the health supplements, CBD is leading all the markets with its versatile health benefits. Products such as CBD oil, tinctures, salves, lotions and now in the form of edibles too, are available for the users to utilize in their preferred form.

Now that you know the facts about CBD and its usage, it is time for you to introduce it in your daily routine. CBD products are easily available on the market to choose from, or if you like homegrown produces then try cannabis seeds to grow your strains at home!

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