Cannablend Essentials - Sleep Caps - 60mg THC

Cannablend Essentials - Sleep Caps - 60mg THC

An all-natural blend of cannabis oil and other essential oils known to help increase a sleepy state of mind. Contains 60mg THC total with 10 capsules per package.

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  • Cannabis Oil: & Essential Oils
  • All Natural : Sleep Caps
  • 60mg THC : Terpenes and Cannabinoids
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SLEEP is an all-natural blen dof extracts from carefully selected Cannabis Indica strains combined with other plant based essential oils that maybe help promote restfullness and a good nights sleep.  10 capsules per package and 60mg THC in total.

Sleep support is one of our most requested products.  Formulated with a blend of sleep inducing cannabis oil, relaxing and calming essential oils, and valerian root that is known to be a natural sleep aid.  We have combined our full spectrum cannabis oil with pure CBN distillate made from a unique process that converts THC to CBN. Each capsule contains 15mg pure CBN.

 Every Cannablend Essentials formulated product is made from ideally profiled strains of cannabis along with highest quality essential oils.  The addition of Essential Oils help bring up certain target terpene levels specific to the desired effects which result in a more effective product.  For example our selected strains for sleep support already contain linalool, but we add Lavender to our sleep capsules as it contains naturally higher levels of linalool than any cannabis strain.  Linalool effects and benefits include Anti-anxiety, Antidepressant, Sedative, Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic.

Roman Chamomile adds a terpene called Isobutyl Angelate that helps promote a calm and restful effect for the mind and body.  Essential Oils are volatile compounds found in all areas of the plants from seeds to leafs.  They are in lipid form and penetrant readily into our cells effecting their benefits on us. Combined with the properly selected cannabis strains, the right essential oils assist in the effectiveness of our products.

DIRECTIONS:  Take 1 capsule before bed.  WARNING:  do not exceed more than 1 capsule per night before knowing your personal tolerance.

INGREDIENTS:  Cannabis Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Valarian Root, essential oils from Roman Chamomile Flower, and Lavender Flower.

Budbox staff review:  "They knock you out! The lavender is full of linalool terpene, the chamomile is coma state relaxing and the vallarian root will KNOCK YOU OUT.  I had some pretty strange dreams."
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