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Budbox carries a variety of high quality medical grade cannabis oil made from 99.9% pure isopropanol.  Cherry or Honey oil is the most common form of cannabis oil. Some oils are produced for powerful psychoactive effects while others are strictly for food infusion or topical applications.

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High CBD essential oil mixed with MCT oil for easy digestion. Rare and sought-after medical product. 32:1 CBD to THC ratio Charlotte's Web strain. One, 1ml Syringe
High THC oil mixed with MCT oil for easy digestion. Rare and sought-after medical product. 1ml Syringe contains either 225mg or 450mg of THC in the options.
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22% CBD - 55% THC high terpene cannabis oil.
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Old-school cherry oil made with 99.9% isopropanol or acetone is very well known before people started making BHO. Cherry oil comes out with a golden / reddish tint giving it the signature cherry name. Cannabis oil online averages between 50-70% THC and contains a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes giving it a strong flavour with high medicinal value. Cherry oil is also known as RSO or Rick Simpson Oil but there is a wide range of different “cherry” oils one can produce depending on the filtration and starting material. Honey oil is a more refined version of cherry cannabis oil with THC of 75-85%. It can also be produced from isopropanol with a winterization process and more filtration. These cannabis oils can be smoked, dabbed or consumed orally. They can also be diluted with a carrier oil and be used directly on the skin as a topical ointment, applied onto foods, or put in gel caps.

BHO or butane cannabis oil is very popular even with its bad reputation for explosions and fires. Instead of isopropanol as the solvent butane is pressurized through glass or steel tubing filled with the plant material. It comes out golden, looking like honey and usually ends up with a higher THC percentage ranging from 80-90%. Whipped budder is produced the same way using butane but the only difference is how its finished or cooked off. Budder is produced with a special whipping technique that disturbs the crystals as they harden. This creates a more cookie dough like material. It's then formed into pucks, balls or wafers to be dabbed or sprinkled into a joint.

BC Bud
High quality west coast cannabis from British Columbia.
The clearest and purest raw distillate you can get.  Tetra Syrup has 99% cannabinoids.
Amazing flavor and quality is what you will find with Budbox infused edibles.

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