ADORABLE Premium Medicated Chocolates
ADORABLE Premium Medicated Chocolates

ADORABLE Premium Medicated Chocolates

All new ADORABLE premium T.H.C. infused chocolates. Adorable chocolates are made from only the most high end chocolate and advanced infusion technology.

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ADORABLE Premium T.H.C. Infused Chocolate Bars

- "dark chocolate" Blanched almonds (250mg THC)
Dark. This bar is a game of quality and flavor that brings joy to the taste buds.
Every bite seductively promises moments of bliss that will melt on your tongue and create the right mood.

- "white chocolate" Hazlenut Cornflakes (250mg THC)
White. This bar is a unique combination of beauty, originality, purity and taste.
Each peace of this bar means celebration. Celebration that turns into a tradition that lasts endlessly.

- "gold chocolate" Caramel And Pretzels (250mg THC)
Expertly crafted and composed from a fine selection of ingredients such as caramelized sugar and caramelized milk.
Adorable’s Gold chocolate has an intense yet balanced caramel chocolate taste, with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream and bits of salted pretzels.

- "ruby chocolate" Cherries And Almonds (200mg THC)
Made from the ruby cocoa bean, it offers a totally new taste experience: a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.
Ruby is the most exciting thing to happen to chocolate in more than 80 years.

- "white chocolate" Green Tea Matcha (250mg THC)
Matcha. A luscious fusion of white Belgian chocolate and Japanese Matcha, an aromatic green tea high in antioxidants that provides a stable and extended boost of energy.

- "milk chocolate" Toffee And Sea Salt (250mg THC)
Milk. This bar can be called the king of chocolate. For the reason that it has excellent standards of living.
The best ingredients in the world, delicious unexpected symbiosis of components and respect from chocolatiers.

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